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Pipeworx is a premier fabrication and welding shop located in Austin, Texas. We specialize in metal shaping, TIG welding, and fabrication of hot rods, customs and motorcycles.


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Getting ready for the Roundup

   Well this is the calm before the storm. Don't have any idea what I am talking about?  The Lonestar Roundup is starting tomorrow and Pipeworx will also be on the garage crawl this year.  For the last three weeks we have been rocking late hours at the shop getting everything in order to welcome you all in for a shop tour as well as meet you in our booth at the show.  We even found a little time to get something of our own patty caked together and think that we achieved the 1960's street driven altered look we were going for...... what do you think? 


Does this Tall T-Coupe look like something you would be seen cruising around town in?  Well..... if it did not have a foam motor in it and you did not have to Flintstone it around, all in due time, remember Rome was not built in a day.  We are turning in early for the night to catch up on some much needed sleep but do come by our booth at the show to introduce yourselves and check out some metal shaping we will be doing at the show.  



Friends of the Shop


This week at the shop we had some friends drop by for a visit.  First was "Mercury" Charlie Runnels, if you could not tell by his name Charlie is crazy about
a Mercury.  He has owned more Mercury's than I have actually ever seen and he owns "Nadine", a 1951 Mercury that is somewhat of a celebrity.  "Nadine" has been in several hotrod publications and has more chrome than a 1950's diner.... an awesome custom. 


    Later in the week the European Connection stopped in to say hello and help thrash on a custom Ducati 998.  On the left is Phil Harris from the UK, in the middle is Dario Russi from Italy and finally on the end is Alex Toni not only from Italy but works in the Ducati factory developing and testing their engines.  There is so much talent in these guys that we took out our pens and pads and took notes on setting up a Ducati the proper way.  Drop us a line sometime and set up a time to come visit the shop, we would like to meet you.


LA Roadster Show

I am new to this idea of keeping a blog and I am slowly getting better at updating one.  So I will now attempt to recreate our trip out to Pomona, California for the LA Roadster Show.  All I can say is wow.... there are high end cars as far as the eye can see and the extravagance is overwhelming.  The show had nine buildings full of cars, not to mention the "drive in" cars parked throughout the show surrounding the buildings and most of them were beautiful.  Don't get me wrong, there were some tastelessly done rides at the show, but not many, it is Southern California folks.



One of my favorite buildings was the one filled with vintage racecars.  I got to see a few cars that really shaped me as a youth, the Stone Woods and Cook Willys, Pure Hell, the Mondello and Matsubara Fiat altered..... you name it, I was overwhelmed. 

There was so much racing heritage and history there along with the old drivers of these cars that I found myself just staring at the cars and listening to some of their stories, nothing short of amazing.  I even got to meet and talk with Art Chrisman, he was kind enough to autograph a rendering of himself for me by Jeff Norwell of Norwell Equipped; stunning resemblance. 


One of the other buildings was one that Street Rodder Magazine had put together, it was some of the magazine’s survivor cover cars from years past.  One of the cars in that building that I fell in love with was Chris Ito's deuce 3 window coupe.  This is a real survivor car that Chris purchased from the original owner and has done nothing but clean up the car and enjoy it, it even sports it's original laquer paint job.  The car is unchopped but is heavily channeled over the deuce rails sporting a blown flathead and a swag of Offenhauser dress up parts but it even has a chrome transmission, yes I said chrome.  This deuce is not a trailer queen either, Chris is often seen running around at shows in Texas and enjoying the car like it should be. 

After the show was over and things were shutting down late Sunday evening Chris Ito asked me to help guide him out of the building.  The passage way in, and out of the building was narrow and Chris needed a spotter so that he could squeeze his '32 out without scuffing her up.  When Chris jumped in the car and it fired right away after sitting all weekend I knew that the car was in the proper hands.  After navigating Chris out of the building he told me to jump in and cruised me around the fairgrounds. The best way I can describe the feeling is like The Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe" album cover.  I felt like I was in the 60's with my arm hanging out the passenger door and stooped forward ducking the low roof.  Some memories will stick with me for a lifetime, this being one of them, thanks again Chris!


New Project '55 Chevy

A few weeks ago we had a car dropped off by our friend Rick Inserra.  We have always had a soft spot for old racecars but especially for old gassers.  Rick’s car is just that, a 1955 Chevy 210 hardtop that is not only an old racecar from New York but it will be built in the gasser style before it leaves our shop. 

Our friend Ric Cambell of Big Wig Racecars did all the custom aluminum work a couple of years ago and even added to the existing cage by putting in the front half.  You can see the work he did on the car here at: www.bigwigracecars.com 


Pipeworx will be putting in an engine-turned firewall cover and installing the brakes, transmission and hydraulic clutch cylinder.  We will also be building the custom exhaust with Rick's vintage Thrush mufflers and installing some vintage speed parts.  Rick requested that we also work our magic on some of the sheetmetal that needs attention and we will get the car ready for Rick to enjoy.  This car has some of the widest rear tires we have ever seen..... can you say traction?



Star of Texas Tattoo Show

A couple weeks ago, Pipeworx was out at the Star Of Texas Tattoo Art Revival at the Palmer Auditorium in Austin, Texas.  If you’ve never made it to the show before you should, there are world class tattooists, artwork, and plenty of hot rods, motorcycles and customs.  


We were invited to display our newly finished shop truck and to brush shoulders with some of the best tattooers from around the globe.  This is our third year being invited to the show.  Last year we had Chris Parker's Model A Sedan in tow, and it is always good to see some of the friends we have made over the years; like Keith Weesner... the guy loves nachos! 


 We hung out in our booth and fielded questions about the truck.  We also had some custom airbrush work on display by our friend Mathias, www.mathiasairbrushing.com.


No one at the shop got any ink done this year, but we did manage to gain a few pounds by hanging out and stuffing our faces with Sandy's Burgers, a short walk away, and some killer nachos that were served up at the concession stand. 


We do not know what we will be bringing to the show next year, it probably has not even been built yet, but I am sure we will have something cool so come by and introduce yourself.

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