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Pipeworx is a premier fabrication and welding shop located in Austin, Texas. We specialize in metal shaping, TIG welding, and fabrication of hot rods, customs and motorcycles.


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Velocette Motorcycle Stand

We recently finished designing and building a custom Velocette motorcycle stand for a distinguished collector.  The Velocette that adorns the stand is a one of one factory made cutaway.  This motorcycle was used to advertise the Velocette brand and show the inner workings of the motorcycle at shows.  The challenge we had was to build a stand that was a unique piece of art to complement the motorcycle but that was also simple and uncomplicated.  The client requested that the stand not only be unique but hold the motorcycle off of the ground in order to keep the tires from developing flat spots.  Motorcycle tires will develop flat spots in them due to remaining dormant with the weight of the motorcycle in one position.  In order to keep these flat spots from happening you have to move the motorcycle several times a year or hold the motorcycle off of the ground, which is what the client requested.  We installed the stand under the motorcycle after having it powder coated a wrinkle black and have included several images below.





Benelli Tank Beginnings 

We are building a custom Benelli Volcano for a client and we started building the alloy tank yesterday.  As with any tank you build, a solid foundation counts the most.  The tank pan not only supports the tank itself but also the weight of the fuel inside. With this tank pan it needed a reverse bowl shaped to clear the spark plug on the top of the motor as it sticks up over the the frame.  And the only time the bowl will be seen is when the tank comes off of the frame, but quality counts, even when you can not see it.  Here are some photos of that pan.




Ducati Desmo 350 Custom

We are in the process of finishing this factory tach drive Ducati Desmo 350 custom.  The bike has lots of polished bits and new shouldered wheels from Buchanan Spoke fitted to the factory Grimeca drums.  We have several modifications to complete on the alloy tank as well as fit a monza cap but the build is starting to wrap up.  We should have some more updates soon.







Alloy Tail Section

Last week we did a final fitting on the 883 alloy tail section before TIG welding the two sections together with 1100 series rod.  After welding we roughed out the weld seam with an old lead vixen file blade before moving on to our Hutchins DA to identify any high and low spots that need to be addressed before polishing.  Amazingly our Watervliet planishing hammer took out almost all of the hammer and dolly work that we usually need to do after making a piece like this and we were ready to move on to our next piece for the build.







883 Update

I took a break from working on a new tool for the shop, a 1930's planishing hammer, and got back to the 883 project.  After doing the final shrinking on the tail section I needed to check the fitment on the motorcycle one last time.  Seeing that everything was aligned on both halves I will do a final smoothing with the new shop tool and then weld the seams together with some 1100 series aluminum rod.