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883 Update

I took a break from working on a new tool for the shop, a 1930's planishing hammer, and got back to the 883 project.  After doing the final shrinking on the tail section I needed to check the fitment on the motorcycle one last time.  Seeing that everything was aligned on both halves I will do a final smoothing with the new shop tool and then weld the seams together with some 1100 series aluminum rod. 







Board Trackers

Several months ago I had the opportunity to venture to Maquoketa, Iowa and attend Vintage Torque Fest.  It was an impressive show and I was astounded to find Mike Lange at the show with an impressive collection of pre 1930's board trackers.  Mike has been collecting and wrenching on these motorcycles for half a century and specializes in making obsolete parts for these bikes.  Here are a few photos of Mike's collection.



883 Cafe

I roughed out the upper tail section of the 883 project and needed to fit it on the bike for final measurements. After a quick test fit I finished shrinking the edge of the upper tail to get it to fit the lower tail/inner fender section. I need to do a final planishing to get the two halves as smooth as possible before I weld the seam and make them one piece.


Planishing Hammer Dies

We received several boxes in the mail yesterday with some goodies in them.  While we are not ready to disclose our hand just yet we will say that this might be the shape of things to come. 








Revival Cycles 883


We started working on the Revival Cycles 883 custom/cafe project. I cut off the rear and bent up a rear hoop out of 1" .120 wall DOM and then TIG welded it in. I still need to finish the lower section near the upper shock mounts from the frame to the hoop to give it a smooth transition, but that will come later. I also went ahead and made the cardboard buck off of my renderings so that it would be easier to transfer to the MDF and then cut out, which I did later today. I glued everything up and am waiting for it to dry so that I can radius the ribs and sections and then longboard them out for the final fitting. After the tail has its final shape it will be off to the pullmax and the english wheel to get the alloy shaped, fitted and welded.